Work With Me

Sorah collaborates with organizations, entrepreneurs, and young professionals to authentically craft and run their brands with purpose and intention. Through classical assessments learned while working on global beauty brands and deep, one-on-one consultations, she excavates the the brand’s purpose, develops action plans, and differentiates her client within their respective industries and niches.



Market Analysis & Brand Positioning Assessment
Competitive Landscape Deep Dive

Brand & Marketing Strategy Development / Consultation

Brand Aesthetic & Formula Consultation
Design, Packaging, Formula

General Marketing Consultation / Execution
Campaigns, New Product Launches, Initiatives, Events, Portfolio Management

Brand Management Advisory
Brand Equity, Customer Experience, Sales, Education, Digital/Social Media, Creative, etc.


Personal Brand Development
For college students, young professionals, public figures — those seeking to brand themselves individually

Sorah’s Method

As a synthesizer, her style of consultation is unique in that she explores her clients’ entities holistically from a macro-level and then drilling down into details. Due to her brand management background, she is trained to look at the all the facets that the brand’s DNA manifests. For example, she may want to understand how employees are hired by the client to ensure that the recruiting practices and the training protocol are in line with the brand. In long-term partnerships, clients can expect Sorah to work alone, closely with founders, and with existing teams. Her experience lends her the ability to also assume an interim position as head of marketing to assist in orchestrating teams in place to get the job done.

Her process is driven by empathy for her clients and their consumers. By deeply understanding both of their needs, she provides the leadership and guidance to create, pivot, or re-launch brands and marketing initiatives to deeply connect with their target audience.