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happy (supermoon🌝) tuesday!

(in case you’re into the moon stuff.)

This week, my focus is on money, honey — how I can make more of it and continue to work less hours than I did in corporate. I’ve done some preliminary work on this a few weeks ago, scenario planning in an Excel spreadsheet of every possible outcome🤓. But I think I’m ready to reassess my business plan again and make some edits to accommodate some revised financial and career goals.

I’m slowly becoming more and more excited about starting a business. For a long while, I swore off every type of entrepreneurship after having watched both my parents work in an entrepreneurial capacity (my dad, a minister, and my mom, a serial entrepreneur who also opened the first driving school in my hometown — who does that?!). But I’m getting comfortable with the idea now, and I’m beginning to feel I was made for it.

My learning lesson from last week was this: With each project I take on, I can see more clearly that I have a valuable skill. However, had I not taken the time to work through some of those pesky fear-driven blocks like imposter syndrome, I don’t think I would’ve been able to take notice of this. Self-awareness is good for everyone, but I think it is especially important for new solopreneurs because it’s so easy to get caught up in your own head. Support systems and self-care is absolutely paramount for us.

You can read more about about four other lessons I learned during this beginning stage of my freelance career in my latest blog post below👇. Audio version is also available.

In the last newsletter, I left you with a suggestion to think about your personal brand. Today, I’ll leave you with just one question to help you to drill down more deeply on your strengths:

"If you were/are a business, what would you say your value is?”

Here is how I would answer, in case you need an example:

The product I’m selling is my (informed) opinion. The value I bring is my ability to shape narratives and action plans that deeply connect with consumers out of big, abstract visions (or just a hot mess).

Basically, I help businesses and people make sense of things and package it up in a way that other people will understand it, too.

Would love to hear what comes up for you with this question. You can simply reply back to this email 🙂.

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off-topic news that just doesn’t fit 👆 there:

Thinking of going freelance? Read this by The Cut about how the new working style can cause more anxiety than being in a steady-Eddie job.

Getting in touch with my Korean roots 🇰🇷 with Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, per friend’s reco.

  • "PACHINKO is elegant and soulful, both intimate and sweeping. This story of several generations of one Korean family in Japan is the story of every family whose parents sacrificed for their children, every family whose children were unable to recognize the cost, but it's also the story of a specific cultural struggle in a riveting time and place. Min Jin Lee has written a big, beautiful book filled with characters I rooted for and cared about and remembered after I'd read the final page."Kate Christensen, Pen/Faulkner-winning author of The Great Man and Blue Plate Special

No sign of TED(x) yet. Trust me, I’m starting to wonder if it actually even happened.

🎤 To podcast or not to podcast? I received feedback that I should take my audio versions of newsletters and blogs onto a podcast. I’m meditating on this🧘‍♀️… Stay tuned!