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this week: send help 🙏

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Before I begin, I’d like to start by saying… Thank you so much for reading my emails! I don’t pay too close of attention to the numbers, but I know that there are quite a few readers who have consistently followed my journey and responded to me with incredible amounts of support. I truly appreciate you sticking by my side!

Also, SN: I hope you like Sandra Oh as much as I do.

Okay… now here’s the tea…

Last night, I had a dream… I mean, a nightmare… that I was drop.dead.broke. Like so broke that my bank account was severely over-drafted, and I had no idea how I was going to replenish my funds.

There are lots of reasons as to why we dream, according to researchers. One of the speculations is that dreams serve as a way “to prepare for possible future threats.”

Well, I can attest that being broke is seriously a possible future threat for me. I never had unlimited funds to begin with when I left the ivory towers, but lately I’ve questioned whether or not the use of my money and energy have been the most optimal and that maybe I’ve been just too lax.

My last newsletter dove into my proneness to burning out from my fatal attraction to intensity. And as I work on cooling down my spicy hot energy in my personal life, I’m slowly feeling the rise of it coming into my professional life again. This probably isn’t a bad thing though because, like I said, running out of funds to sustain myself is inevitable if I don’t figure out something — quickly. And to be brutally honest with you, I’m kinda freaking out.

What I kept secret two weeks ago was that I considered going back to corporate. I thought, “Maybe all I needed was a nice, long sabbatical.” Going back to a corporate job would mean absolute financial stability — money coming in every two weeks whether I decided to actually work or play hooky. I even hit up a friend who works for a large tech company with an SOS call asking if he thinks I could get a job.

I could tell he felt my frazzled state of mind.

But rather than tell me that I should apply, he suggested that I answer why I would want to go back. Is it the structured schedule? The daily interaction with coworkers? The professional development opportunities? The financial stability?

I thought about how I should answer.

Financial stability was the most appealing to me. It’s a really good reason to also get and keep a job. But after taking a few moments, for me, it’s not a good enough reason right now to go back. Sure, I’m freaking out and starting to feel scarce. And I don’t have a Plan C besides to fall straight on my ass, but I don’t feel like I’ve really worked hard enough to even say I gave “it my all.

It” has been a very loose, ethereal entity for awhile now and has morphed its shape countless times. “It” was at one point an advocative blog, a purpose-oriented talk, and a freelance business.

The journey of exploring “it” has been a long, slow process, and I think I might be at a juncture to take a pause and put real, invested actions behind my ideas. Of course, one of the biggest reasons is the financial pressure I’m feeling now and also that I don’t really have an option other than to just create my own job.

So, I’m officially putting it out into the world:

I’m launching my own brand management agency called Ūimi, which creates, builds, and grows brands that are or desire to be socially-conscious and purpose-driven*.

*Think: conscious capitalism, Certified B Corps, cause-oriented brands (eco-friendly, gender equality, etc.), UN SDGs.

Here are two insights: I’m sure you already noticed...

  1. The influx of mission- and impact-oriented startup brands competing against the big guys. 👉 Enter Ūimi to support them with branding and marketing.

  2. The pressure on big brands to follow suit of startup brands. But the bigger they are means that sometimes they don’t know where to start. 👉 Enter Ūimi to guide them in developing meaningful social consciousness into their existing brand DNA. The “way in” can be created using my TEDx framework.

I’ve been working through the concept and, like every new business, will need to undergo step-changes along the way to finesse it. As a brand marketer, I know that no matter how carefully the launch is planned, the market will always provide feedback for improvements and revisions. But for now, this is what I have to run with. Otherwise, I’ll never get to launching anything.

Here’s where the title send help for this newsletter starts to make more sense.

I would deeply appreciate your support in launching my business!

Here are a few ways I’d love your help:

  1. Connect me to your network. Specifically, anyone you know who could use my agency's services.

  2. Connect me to freelancers & collaborators who align with Ūimi’s purpose, “to improve the lives of consumers and the environment by stewarding one socially-conscious brand at at time.” I'm building a roster of diverse backgrounds (designers, e-comm experts, social media strategists, etc.).

  3. Keep me in mind for any projects at your own companies that have social consciousness aspects.

  4. TBD // Take my survey that may come before the end of this week for my research project on sustainable brands and consumers.

Thank you again for all your support! Please feel free to reply back with any questions or feedback. And of course, if there is anything that I can do to support you, don’t hesitate to let me know.

‘Til next time!



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