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this week: optics 👀

🎧 TLDRers, listen here (7 mins).

happy mardi gras!

I recently had coffee with someone who is a friend of a friend. Naturally, we stalked each other on social media just to get a sense of personalities.

Cue: The optics.

One of the things she said to me was along the lines of “You seem to be doing a lot of things and killing it!”

This is usually what I hear when I meet someone new or someone I haven’t seen in a long time.

Despite my efforts to curb anyone from believing in a false illusion through my online presence, our innate uber-curation on social media seems to always nudge people into thinking that I and a lot of others are succeeding.

Now cue: The reality.

I don’t necessarily feel all that successful. But, I also don’t feel like I’m failing. I just feel like where I’m at is where I am. And I’m content.

In my last note to you two weeks ago, I mentioned that my plan was to revisit my business and cash flow scenarios.

Full transparency — I’m still working on it, and I’m learning!

I also mentioned in my audio recording that I only wanted to work 40-50 hours per month. Financially-speaking — if this scenario came to fruition, it’s a wholesome plan. I’d be making as much as I did in my corporate days.

Here’s what I failed to acknowledge: I’m the account executive, account manager, brand manager, marketer, strategist, accountant, and every other job in-between. Technically, the part I actually bill for is only the “strategist” part of the work, which is my real strong suit.

After observing the amount of sheer effort that goes into creating my magic, I realized I’m playing small! I have an opportunity to go bigger and elevating my work to a new level. I’m still noodling (aka: letting go my fear of failing), but once I work through it a bit more, I’ll be more than happy to share it with the world.

So in this edition, I’m underscoring the importance of questioning the optics, both what we see and don’t see. Take a minute to observe the hundreds of judgments we make every second of the day.

Is the assumption you just made real or not real?
Are you creating an illusion by avoiding seeing something that is real?
And if there is falsity in your optics, can you correct it?

Questioning my optics is something that emerged as a part of unveiling my Perspective which I touch on as one of the pieces in creating my purpose in my TEDx Talk. This is the pillar that helped me understand the lens in which I viewed the world and how I navigated myself within it.

Hit reply to LMK what comes up for you on debunking your optics. And if you haven’t watched my TEDx yet, add 15 minutes on your calendar this week to do so. If you watched it and liked it, forward this email to a friend🙏.

✌️‘Til next time!




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