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this just in: my TEDx Talk is live!

🎧 listen here for my note (5 mins).

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Finding the Pieces to Your (Purpose) Puzzle

When brand strategist Sorah Kim found herself burning out repeatedly while building her corporate career, she came to an unexpected crossroads. Her adulthood consisted of good, well-intended decisions and actions, yet she still felt empty and dissatisfied. She ended up leaving her “dream job” in search of a more fulfilling life. During this course of her journey, she discovered that a way to create meaningful impact was to think like a brand. In this eye-opening talk, Kim describes how her personal “renaissance” has led her to applying a framework, inspired by her branding methodology, for a gratifying life of purposeful action and impact.

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we’re in business!

After some technical glitches from late last week, the video to my TEDx Talk is finally up for your viewing pleasure.

This was my very first non-work-related talk — as in nothing about gross margins, share targets, % growth vs. LY, 😴snooze-fest stuff was a part of it. For the first time, I had a blank canvas to create whatever I wanted, and what you see in the video is where I landed.

When I received the initial hardcopy of the video a few weeks ago, I had serious resistance to watching it. I feared how I looked, how I sounded, and even what I said. Truthfully, I didn’t open it up to watch for a few hours, and I held my breath when I finally did. Funny how we’re always the worst critics of ourselves, but I guarantee that someone, if not you, is going to respond to this email gassing me up and telling me how amazingly well I did.

Btw, I’m all for any feedback! The day after the event, an audience member actually tracked me down and emailed me a piece of her mind which made me feel insecure but also on top of the world because I feel like only people who made it get negative backlash😂.

My thoughts on the final product?

It’s a badass first talk which certainly won’t be the last. I loved every second of being on stage in front of an audience and didn’t want it to end! The process of coming up with the content itself was a gloriously challenging blessing in disguise, and I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity.

I’m sure you might be are wondering how the opportunity to speak at a TEDx even came about, so I’ll be writing a blog post to share all the details soon. Would love to hear from you on what you’re most curious about, so hit that “reply” button and let me know.

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✌️Happy Hump Day!



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