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this week: perspective

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¡hola from españa!

I got to Spain last Friday for vacation. Jason and I spent a food-filled weekend first in Madrid, and we just arrived to Barcelona a few hours ago.

I feel privileged to have the means to visit and experience different countries and cultures. My family wasn’t particularly well-traveled, but I grew up watching and hearing stories about my dad traveling everywhere from the U.K. to Israel to the Motherland. He’s one of the most intellectual people I know in my life, and I think the importance of seeing the world was his imprint.

Traveling today has a different meaning for me than it did just two years ago. Back then, I traveled as a way of symbolizing my achievements — my pay raises, promotions, my "cool” job at L’Oréal that took me places. And I also did it for the ‘gram.

Today, it’s a form of enrichment and self-development. Leaving the familiarity of my home in NYC and going off to a foreign place, whether it be domestic or abroad, brings a shock to my system. It’s a way of practicing disassociation from my “normal.” From the food I eat to the interaction with locals, my mind inquires about why things are the way they are. What happened in their history? Why is it different from what I usually see? It’s a way of feeding my perspective.

Gregory Berns, author of Iconoclast — a book I frequently reference in my own life — wrote:

“The human brain sees things in ways that are most familiar to it. But epiphanies rarely occur in familiar surroundings. The key to seeing like an iconoclast is to look at things that you have never seen before. It seems almost obvious that breakthroughs in perception do not come from simply staring at an object and thinking harder about it. Breakthroughs come from a perceptual system that is confronted with something that it doesn’t know how to interpret.”

In other words, we should consider being diligent when it comes to feeding and exercising our perspectives.

In my TEDx Talk, one of the Ps in my framework is also perspective but in a sense of contracting inwards and juxtaposing it to an expanded view. It’s about seeing the contrast of one self against the world. And in order to understand this lens, the secret is to detach from what we always thought was our identity and step into a consultative role with an outsider’s view. Further, deconstructing our perspective requires accepting vulnerability to identify our deepest fears and motivations and attempting to answer the questions: how does this lens affect the way I navigate myself? and how do I want to navigate myself moving forward?

Once these questions start to have answers, clarity will follow. And clarity is what gives us the push to the next stepping stones in our personal explorations.

This deep-dive about perspective is about ownership and novelty. It’s about knowing where we stand and consciously nurturing ourselves so we can grow and contribute. My point isn’t that we have to travel to gain new perspectives. It’s certainly a fantastic way to do so, but it’s just one of many. Maybe it’s a new book club, a social media detox, doing something that scares you, or all of the above. Whatever we choose, the key is to embrace the student within us and be open to learning about ourselves and others.

In closing, I leave you with this mantra:

Own your perspective.
Don’t let it go stale.
And don’t feed it shit.

See you in two weeks!



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