Hello, World!


If you know me, I'm sure you're thinking one of two things:

  1. "It's about damn time she did this!" or
  2. "Where in the world is this coming from?"

I'd like to clarify my intentions of this new passion project of mine. It has been a wild ride!


➵ A resource for inspiration to upgrade your health and breakthrough to a lasting lifestyle change that works for you. I'll be focusing on easy-to-add tips to achieve a healthier, balanced life with more energy and endurance to enjoy all that life has to offer. 


➵ My philosophy is beyond the mere mechanics of a lifestyle and definitely past any diet fads and trends. It's about living your own, unique lifestyle in full, not by following rigid programs that aren't sustainable.

➵ The heartbeat of this is understanding the communication between your mind and body. By uncovering the core of the "why" to the "what" you need for your specific healthy lifestyle, you'll be rewarded with lasting change.


➵ I am master of my own health. With years of trial and error, I learned to decipher the dialogue between my mind and body. I've been a big health nut since college, shopping for organic groceries at Whole Foods, self-teaching about nutrition, incorporating only the best superfoods into my diet and training myself to love exercise. But somehow I lost sight of why good health is important and began fueling my "healthy lifestyle" with superficial and sometimes emotional reasons. After 10 years of dysfunctional eating and exercise rooted in high stress, I figured out a way to reboot my health and get to my best state ever, both mentally and physically.

➵ I'm making the leap and fulfilling my purpose to help others master this mind-body dialogue by studying to be a Certified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 


➵ While I work out the details of achieving my big dream, I want to make an impact with the knowledge that I have and the education I'll be receiving over the next year.

➵ My big dream: Help build companies that promote good health for their employees, environment and community. I've worked in corporate for about 7 years, and noticed that the cubicle life isn't really on our side. We spend 9-12 hours a day at desks, often feeling stressed and deteriorating our health. And sure, there are wellness programs like gym membership incentives, but do you really feel like your working environment is holistically healthy? Personally, I strongly believe that it's time for workplaces to start taking on this responsibility, especially with the state of our national health and healthcare system.

Also, when's the last time we learned about nutrition and nourishing our bodies for energy? The former, I'd say grade school via the food pyramid (I have a strong opinion on this). The latter, probably never. We read self-help books on how to better manage time and play better politics in the office, but it's likely you've ignored your responsibility of your own health. This is what I want to contribute by empowering others to take control and find their own unique lifestyle and living fully.

Sorah Kim