3 Herbal Supplements for the Holidays

We're just days away from our first major holiday festivity and possibly most people's favorite – Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is indeed my favorite holiday of all because it’s so simple: all you need is family, friends and good food. Plus, there aren’t any awkward pressures and the stress of gifting. I love that it’s the dedicated day people think about gratitude and giving. Imagine what the world would be like if each of us treated everyday as Thanksgiving! (World peace, anyone?)

As excited as I am about Thanksgiving, the holiday (edible) indulgences also make me a little anxious. I am a health nut, after all, and quite possibly the pickiest eater (call me the “nutrition police”). Food is something I thoroughly enjoy, but I easily overdo it during the holidays. This is the ultimate cheat day of all cheat days. I indulge in all Thanksgiving foods with no prejudice – mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn bread, pumpkin pie, etc. You name it, and I probably will already be on my second serving!

Most people will enter the holidays happily indulging like it’s their last supper and then think, “Oh $#!+, I need to get back on track,” once the damage is done. I’m not talking about damage from caloric intake like weight gain.

I’m talking about preventing damage on the insides of our bodies – like stomach, liver, kidneys, blood sugar, inflammation.

The outside of our bodies absorbs our environment (i.e. pollution), while the inside of our bodies absorbs what sometimes comes with our food (i.e. pesticides, toxins, heavy metals). Considering the food supply chain in the US is a bit sketchy, I’m an advocate for taking additional measures to combat potential negative effects from this and to upkeep my internal bodily functions.

Here are 3 herbs I double-up on to prepare for seasons of indulgence:

DISCLAIMER: Consult a health professional before incorporating any herbal remedies. I am not a doctor or an herbalist and can only speak to my own experience. I take these herbs at least once daily, but I increase to two to three times a day when I know I’ll be consuming more “festively.”

  1. Milk Thistle
    Good for: Liver Detox
    What it does: Restores damage from alcohol consumption, pesticides, heavy metals
  2. Dandelion
    Good for: Liver & Kidney Detox
    What it does: Cleanses liver and serves as a diuretic
  3. Holy Basil
    Good for: Immune protection & Blood Sugar Regulation
    What it does: Combats against bacteria, viruses and inflammation; reduces blood sugar

Source: DrAxe.com

Where do I buy them?

I purchase mine from Herb Pharm at my local natural food store. There are other brands that have similar products, but I recommend  that you research how their products are sourced and made. I also advise selecting organic over conventional since the purpose of these are to detox from pesticides and other pollutants.

How do I take them?

I combine 1 pipette's worth of each into 6 ounces of filtered water. Swirl the cup around and drink! 

When do I take them?

I take them at least 30 minutes after my ACV elixir, before breakfast in the morning and again between lunch and dinner during festivities. On other days, I just take them once in the morning.