5 Easy Ways to Adaptogen(ius)!

So you read about adaptogens, but you're hesitant to invest in lone jars of Ashwagandha?

Here are five easy ways to get adaptogens into your diet.

A couple notes before you continue...

  1. I have not tried numbers 3 and 5, but I still highly recommend them based on reading reviews and word-of-mouth.
  2. Please remember -- the key to adaptogens is consistency in consumption in proper amounts. Hopefully, you'll go for the more potent options, but I also understand that herbal remedies may not feel like a natural fit for you just yet.

1. Chocolate!

My favorite way to getting adaptogens into my day: DARK CHOCOLATE by Freaky Health! Choose from the Beauty, Energy, Immunity and Mountain High 79% cacao bars. Sweetened with mulberries, half a bar (1 serving) has just 3g of sugar. "Immunity" has all my favorite adaptogens: Reishi, Ashwaghandha and Chaga. Absolutely no guilt if I was to eat this whole bar (which I already have).

Disclaimer: This will not be sweet and milky like conventional chocolate. Expect this to be a bit firmer in texture and bitter (high cacao content + low sugar). I usually eat 100% dark chocolate, so it does a good job of satiating my sweet tooth for me.



2. Coffee, Hot Cacao & Matcha

Four Sigmatic has found a way to bring adaptogenic mushrooms to the public by using instant coffee, hot cacao and matcha as vehicles. They also provide mushroom elixirs that cocktail multiple adaptogens which can be mixed into hot water, coffee/tea, juices and smoothies. Most recently, they launched their Mushroom Matcha Drink Mix which features ceremonial grade matcha (tested for pesticides and toxins - very important in picking your coffee beans & Matcha powder), Lion's Mane and ginger. Convenient single-serving packs and bulk packs are available.

3. Plant-Based Proteins

If you're into protein powders, especially plant-based ones, Philosophie Love laces hemp and brown rice protein with adaptogens like Reishi, Maca, Mesquite and Spirulina. All of its products are organic and raw which are huge plusses and are clearly labeled as paleo, vegan and/or gluten-free. If you read the ingredient lists, they're also straight forward so you know that it's "clean" eats.

NOTE: This brand also creates raw, unfiltered honeys with adaptogens, as well, so it's something to keep in mind if you're on the market for new (adaptogenic) honey.

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4. Good Ol' Supplements

If you're fine with adding supplements into your life and want to reap the benefits of several different adaptogens, you can try cocktails of them that come in powders or capsules. Powders can be added to water, nut milks, coffee/teas, smoothies, juices, etc.

Among powder supplements, Moon Juice seems to be quite popular, offering "dusts" for better brain function, sex, spirit -- just about everything great in life. They come in jars and convenient single-serving packs. Note that some of their dusts do have a light touch of stevia. Not a bad thing -- just FYI.

If you're looking for powder supplements that are sans-stevia and bit simpler (~2-3 different adaptogens), Moon Deli is another brand worth checking out. Both brands' websites offer recipes, so you can find fun ways to get them in.

Adaptogenic supplement pills by brands like Hum are good options if you don't want to deal with powders. Their ingredients are non-GMO and sustainably-sourced. The "Uber Energy" pictured on the right has a mix of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Astragalus Root, other root extracts and vitamins. Since the brand claims that their products have been clinically researched, their multi-ingredient combinations should have legitimacy and efficacy.


5. Coconut Butter 2.0

I've been waiting for Pearl Butter to restock their existing flavors and to launch the new ones of their adaptogenic coconut butters. Coconut butter is pureed coconut, flesh and oil together. Pearl Butter creates sugar- and dairy-free, organic coconut butters with pearl (for good skin!) and major upgrades of up to 13 different adaptogens. They also come in fun unicorn colors so you can make your pancakes and toasts go from basic to magical.

I'm eagerly awaiting the moment I can get my hands on them. You can sign up to be alerted on their website, if you're interested.

Sorah Kim